Formation continue

Nous prenons part à plus de 40 heures de conférences et de formation chaque année tout au long de l’année, et participons au congrès national de l’ACIBI qui rassemble plus de 250 inspecteurs établis à travers tout le Canada. Nous mettons continuellement à jour nos connaissances techniques dans le but de vous offrir toujours un meilleur service.



Ian Ansari

Je suis installé au Québec et y exerce mon métier d’inspecteur en bâtiment (commercial et résidentiel) depuis 14 ans. Je suis membre de l’AIBQ et Détenteur de la Certification Nationale. Je vous invite à consulter mon C.V. pour plus d’information.
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Thank-you for the info, it is very much appreciated.
I will be sure to include you on my list of building inspectors I recommend.
It’s important for a buyer who is making such a purchase to be well informed
and at the same time reassured of their purchase. I find that you manage to do
this well. Great Job!


Thank you for your time, understanding and patience.
It nice to see there are good people out there.


Thanks for your time and congratulations for your excellent work
You did a fine job and if I have a question I will come seek your
Advice. Thanks once again


Merci pour l’inspection et le rapport. Vous avez été très efficace. L’électricien est venu aujourd’hui et a confirmé
le remplacement des boutons et tubes de porcelaine. Nous allons renégocier le prix d’achat


Thank you very much for your professionalism and the time you took with us. We have decided to turn down the house and it is thanks to your thorough inspection that we were able to make an informed decision. Thanks.


Thank you!
Very clear and precise……Regards


Re: Condominium 24 units (common areas)
I hope your meeting went well with the other condos in back of me.
I think they have a great inspector in you!
You did help us a lot in your A/V presentation.


All is well in our new house, thanks to a great inspector…
Take care and have a great end of the day!


Thanks again for your help and advice with the property on *****
I am finally buying it, after a price adjustment.
I will give you a call the next time I am doing this and, of course, will recommend you highly to friends and family. Best regards.


Thanks very much for providing such a thorough inspection and summative report; it was a huge boon for us!
Thanks again, and it’s been a pleasure working with you. We’ll certainly pass your name on to friends. Cheers.

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